3 Benefits of Styling Your Home With French Country Furniture

If you’re looking up to spruce up your current living space or spice up your domicile with a whole new look, you might want to consider the French country interior design style. Known for its subdued elegance and sophisticated comfort, the French country look blends seamlessly into your home and provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place to rest.

1. Effortlessly Comfortable 

The French country look is inspired by the elegant yet lived-in look of country villas in the Provence region of France. French country pieces are typified by their nod to the classical beauty of traditional French design coupled with a more subdued feel created by light distressing, breezy and neutral color palettes, and an air of effortless comfort. French living room furniture will not only provide an aesthetically pleasing experience with the natural grace of its gentle curving lines, but will deliver true comfort. Creating a feeling of cozy comfort is an important factor for the French country style and is reflected in the natural fiber cushioning of its chairs, love-seats, and couches. French country furniture will beckon you to come sit, relax, put your feet up, and have a quiet moment of rest in your busy day.

2. Totally Transporting

The international origins of French country design result in a transporting experience when a piece is introduced to your living space. With an distinct air of chic French elegance, French country furniture allows you a touch of travel and escape in your own home. French country style also speaks to the bucolic nature of life in the French countryside and will add the tones of that pastoral life to your living room. With design elements inspired by nature such as white-washed wood, natural fibers, and soft botanical patterns, French country design brings the peace of the outdoors inside to you.

3. Whimsically Nostalgic 

French country furniture has the dual benefit of fitting in both more modern style homes and in rooms with an antique design. Carrying an essence of the past with its classic and antique design, French country furniture will supply a note of nostalgia to any room, either complimenting other antique-style furniture, such as grandfather clocks, or more modern pieces. In a world where we’re often faced with minimalism, French country furniture harkens back to a homier style of living with no fear of delicate and intricate room accessories.

French country interior design style strikes a delicate balance between beauty and comfort, providing your home with a warm and welcoming lived-in look while remaining undeniably chic and timelessly beautiful.

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