4 Specific Duties a Property Management Consultant Performs

Many property management consultants are available to help you with your property, but you must know exactly what they do. Property management consultants have a wide range of duties and responsibilities, depending on the type of business or organization. This article will go over few specific duties that property managers perform for their clients.

  1. They make sure the property is occupied as close to 100% as possible

The job description of a property management consultant also includes making sure that their clients’ properties are as close to 100% occupied as possible. It means finding new tenants when an existing one moves out and having enough tenants in place all year round. Some real estate agents may assist with this process by recommending other landlords to fill vacancies on some of their rental properties.

  1. They inspect the property regularly

To make sure that their clients’ properties are being rented and maintained properly, a property management consultant will routinely do inspections of the property. They may have someone else perform this task if they cannot personally visit each location regularly.

However, they must stay up-to-date with what’s going on at all times so they can report back to their clients about any issues or concerns regarding how well things are running during these visits.

  1. They make sure the property is properly maintained

A good part of a property management consultant’s job description includes making sure that their clients’ properties are fully rented and well-maintained. It means talking to tenants about any repairs or maintenance issues they may have and performing regular inspections themselves to ensure that things are running smoothly.

They should also keep up-to-date records on all work orders for each location so their clients can see what has been done, when completed, who performed the task if someone else did not take care of it, etc.

  1. They manage the tenant leases

A property management consultant is responsible for helping their clients with all aspects of managing a rental business.

It includes creating new lease agreements, amending existing ones as needed, and being available to answer any questions tenants may have about these documents or about how things are going under them in general. They should also be able to update contracts so they can include whatever changes need making.


A property management consultant helps ensure that their clients’ properties are fully occupied, well maintained, and managed properly. They should also be available to answer any questions or address any concerns tenants may have about how things are going for them under their landlord’s care.

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