4 Things You Didn’t Think to Put Casters On

Heavy duty caster wheels are magical little pieces of hardware. They can turn an unwieldy, bulky piece of equipment or furniture into something that’s versatile and easy to maneuver. Here are five things you can put casters on to make your furniture more functional.


Bookcases might be lightweight when they’re empty, but once they’re fully loaded, they can weigh hundreds of pounds. To make your bookcase significantly easier to move around (in case you want to reorganize or change up the room layout), simply add a caster to each corner before filling it. This will make it instantly mobile and thus more versatile.


Although many pianos do come with casters attached, not all of them do. This can make it tricky to contend with when you want to clean underneath or move it around to get it tuned properly.
You can add a caster on the bottom of each leg to ensure that it’s a breeze to position or shift around. If you’re concerned about damage to the floors from the piano resting in one place for a long time, consider slipping protective felt pads underneath each caster when you know the piano will be in the same position for a while.


When it comes time to do a spring cleaning or prepare for guests, moving sofas around to vacuum or mop underneath can be a real pain. Even if there’s space under the sofa for cleaning, you might still run into issues when you need to access power outlets located behind them, or you might find it cumbersome when preparing the room layout for a party. Avoid all of these issues entirely by mounting casters underneath the sofa. Be sure to attach them securely to the most durable part of the sofa to ensure that it still holds the weight of everyone sitting on it. Consider using locking casters so it stays put when in use too.

End Tables

Although end tables may be light, it’s handy to be able to scoot them to wherever you need them with only one hand. When you need to set down a full tray of drinks, make an impromptu footrest or quickly set up for a card game, you’ll be thrilled you made the side tables mobile.

Casters are a decorator’s secret weapon. They can turn almost any piece of furniture into a functional, versatile piece, no matter how clunky it may seem.

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