6 Must-Have Painting Tools for Interior & Exterior Painting

 A true DIYer knows that your painting tools can make or mar your wall painting. It’s no secret that you can’t achieve a professional finish during wall painting if you use bad-quality tools. You must invest in quality painting equipment that will make your DIY painting experience hassle-free and fun. Are you planning to paint your home on your own and are clueless about which painting tools you must buy?

Fret not, we will tell you exactly what you will need to transform your walls and adorn them in a way that sparks joy in you and makes your guests swoon. Here are a few essential painting tools besides paint rollers and paint brushes that you must consider investing in 2022

  1. Gallon bucket 

If you don’t have a few gallon buckets at your place, then there is no time like the present to invest in a few gallon buckets that will make your painting job easy. It becomes hassle-free to deal with a large amount of paint at once and mix it well with the help of a gallon bucket.

  1. Putty knife

A putty knife is handy when you are prepping your surface before you start your painting work. You can use a putty knife to scrape off the flakes and chipped paint from a surface or to fill the holes, cracks and dents on your walls.

  1. Paint Sprayer 

If you are painting your home exterior, then buying a paint sprayer would be a smart choice. A paint sprayer helps you cover a larger surface quickly and more efficiently. The best thing about a paint sprayer is that it helps you achieve a consistent finish while painting the exterior of your home.
Since paint sprayers aren’t cheap, you can consider renting one. Make sure that you rent one that is specifically designed for exterior painting. A pro tip is to test it on a spare board and get a hang of how to use it correctly before you start your exterior painting work.

  1. Canvas Drop cloth 

You will never regret investing in a high-quality canvas drop cloth, which you can use for many painting sessions. Canvas drop cloths are more durable in comparison to your plastic sheets and they are rip resistant. If you don’t mind splurging a little extra, then you can consider investing in a non-slip drop cloth that will make your life so much easier.

  1. Painter’s tape 

Do you wish to get a crisp and clean finish while wall painting? That is where a painter’s tape comes into the picture. Mask off the trims, edges and borders of your walls tso make sure that you get a neat professional finish.

  1. Sturdy foldable ladder 

If you are still using a wobbly chair to paint the ceiling of your home, then pause and get yourself a sturdy ladder. A sturdy ladder is a game changer when it comes to interior painting. It will help you paint your ceiling and the top areas of your home with ease. We would recommend you look for a portable ladder, so that you can easily store it away in your attic or basement after you are done with your painting work.

Your painting tools have a significant effect on how your walls turn up. So, make sure that you invest in high-quality painting equipment that will last you a lifetime. Remember that it is important that you clean and store your painting equipment properly after every painting session for them to last you for many years.

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