Examining “We Buy Any House” Ads – Are They Actually True?

In the world of selling a home, there are dozens of advertisements every day that shout, ‘We Buy ANY House!’ to the world. But can you truly trust these ads, and what does it mean to be a ‘cash buyer’? Moreover, are you really getting the best deal with a cash buyer? It turns out, the answer might be better than you’d think. 

What Is A Cash Buyer?

A cash buyer is often a company or group of people that has the money to buy your house without using a loan or other form of financing. In today’s world, these companies are getting easier and easier to find. Many of them advertise via the phrase ‘We Buy Any House’, and oftentimes, that’s true! Cash buyers buy homes in as-is condition, which means that there have been no repairs or renovations done before the sale. The home is sold exactly as it is the day the buyer first sees it. This can be great for homeowners on a budget, or even those that need to get out of their properties quickly. 

Who Do Cash Buyers Look From?

Cash buyers will buy from anyone they can, even private owners. Sometimes, they’ll look for those who haven’t even began selling their properties yet, often with mailed adverts or helpful online advertisements in social media or heavily trafficked websites. Homeowners that are in a divorce and need a quick sale, homeowners that can’t pay back the mortgage, homeowners who are moving abroad and need the money- all of these people are the prime type of customer for a cash buyer. They need to move quickly, and they need money more than they need a house. If this sounds like you, it’s time to look for a ‘We Buy Any House’ company of your own! 

Is It Better To Work With an Estate Agent or a Cash Buyer?

Lots of people say that if you’re going to sell a house, you need to find an estate agent. That’s patently false- after all, there are just as many drawbacks to working with an estate agent as there are selling your house on your own! While estate agents know the market like the back of their hand, that doesn’t guarantee that they’re always going to be the best person to talk to. Estate agents are often paid on commission, which means that they get a cut of the profits from your sale. If they’re paid on commission, it’s in an estate agent’s best interest to price your home slightly higher than it normally would be, because that nets them a greater sum of money at the end. If your home is overpriced, it can take longer to sell- forcing you to wait while your sale drags on for months or even years. Even worse, if you sell with an estate agent, you’re likely to have to repair or renovate your home to get it picture-perfect. Most estate agents are wary of selling a less-than-perfect home, and don’t want to work with someone who needs to move quickly. If your home needs repairs and you need to sell it quickly, an estate agent probably isn’t your best choice. They just cost you money! Instead, it’s highly advantageous to go with a cash buyer if you need to save money and move fast. 

The Perks of Working With A Cash Buyer

Cash buyers are the best thing about the homebuying market because of two reasons- they get you the money you need, fast, and they don’t make you repair or renovate your home to do it. You can sell in as-is condition with no hidden fees or sudden commission prices. All of your profit is yours, and you’re free to use it for whatever you want. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your sale will go through, either, because when you work with a cash buyer, your closing is guaranteed! As long as you sign the contract and agree to a sum, a cash buyer will always go through and purchase your home. 

“We Buy ANY House” Means They’ll Buy Yours

Are those ‘We Buy Any House as trustworthy as they make themselves out to be? It turns out, yes! Cash buyers are a great option for your home, and if you need to move quickly, you’ve found the place to do it. Contact your local cash buyer today to sell your home both fast and cheaply, without any repairs, renovations, or estate agent fees.

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