Getting Rid of Creepy Roaches on Drains and Sinks

It’s a scary thing seeing disgusting cockroaches crawling out of your sink and drain pipes. These pesky uncanny bugs are health nuisances and can pose a threat to your home. The bad news is, once these pests have entered your premises, it’s going to be a challenge to rid your drains of roaches. It could be frustrating at times that no matter how hard you tidy up your drains and sinks you still see roaches creeping out and the best thing that you need to do is to learn how to prevent roaches in your drain and know when you need professional help.

Why do cockroaches like staying in drains?

Roaches in general love staying in dark, humid, warm and wet environments. These creepy crawlers have the ability and stealth to get through small cracks and tiny entry ways such as drain pipes which are hard to maintain. Plumbing is mostly hidden and away from plain eyesight and this is directly connected to sewer systems giving cockroaches easy access to your home.

How to prevent roach infestation in drains?

Preventing cockroaches from staying in your drain pipes means removing all access points. Start by inspecting pipes paying special attention to the ones under the sink, washing machine, toilet closet and bathtub. A small damage or crack on pipes or faucets can be water sources for insects. It is best to keep your home neat and tidy. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Regularly take your garbage out and keep your drains clean. Damaged and leaky pipes should be replaced although caulking may provide a temporary solution.

Ways to kill roaches in the drain:

Prevention is one thing but killing cockroaches in the drain requires careful considerations. There are DIY home remedy roach solutions that you can try.

  • Concentrated Bleach– This is a common household multi-purpose strong chemical cleaner. However, using diluted bleach with water will drastically reduce the strength of chemicals in bleach. It is ideal to use concentrated bleach by pouring it down the drain which eventually can kill cockroaches.
  • Vinegar and Baking Soda– Common kitchen items such as vinegar and baking are safer and eco-friendly options in getting rid of roaches in drains. Mixing vinegar with baking soda offers a potent home solution for cockroaches which does not cause any toxic fumes in the home environment. Mix two-part vinegar to one part baking soda into a solution. Bubbles will then appear activating a natural chemical reaction. Once bubbles are settled pour the solution on your drain pipe or sink. Take note that this solution will not kill roaches instantly but instead will gradually affect the digestive system of these creepy insects. Baking soda acts as a leavening agent that expands quickly when it comes in contact with cockroach’ stomach acids.
  • Pesticides– There are store-brought pesticides or insecticides that are specifically formulated for cockroaches. They come in various forms such as spray, powder, gel, tablet and chalk all made with toxic chemicals. Use these items with caution especially when there are children and pets around.
  • Get a Professional– If the roach infestation persists and you have already tried methods to get rid of roaches in the drain then better seek a professional exterminator company. These professionals have advanced techniques and tools to get rid of roach problem once and for all.

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