Healthy Amenities That Make Integrated Townships a Preferred Choice

 A home is not only a basic necessity but much more. Buying a home is an important decision that needs to be taken with careful consideration. That is why it becomes extremely important to take into account, several factors. The locality, proximity to social infrastructure, connectivity, and distance from the workplace are just a few things that you need to pay attention to. But apart from these, it is imperative to decide the type of house that you want to live in. Is it a luxurious 2BHK apartment in Goregaon East, Mumbai,  or a small villa? These days the idea of living in an integrated township is rapidly gaining popularity. These townships offer high standards of living and have most of the amenities like schools, hospitals, and restaurants, etc. within an easy reach of the residents. Below mentioned are a few healthy amenities that make integrated townships a preferred choice.

Green living

Metropolitan cities are turning into concrete jungles. The shrinking of green spaces and increasing pollution are adding to the woes of people. This has encouraged many homebuyers to look for apartments in integrated townships. These townships offer amenities and comforts that are not easily available in apartments and standalone homes. Some of the amenities that have become integral to integrated townships include an abundance of green cover, rainwater harvesting, sewage, water treatment plants, and recreational facilities, to name a few. Some integrated townships are also offering cycles and e-bikes for internal travel. All these facilities are contributing to making the lives of the residents, healthy and comfortable.

Easy access to basic amenities 

For residents of integrated townships, everything is within easy reach. These townships are spread over hundreds of acres and in addition to apartments, they also comprise schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping complexes, entertainment zones, and in some instances, even offices. With so many facilities within a few kilometres of their homes, residents can get all the services they need within the precincts of the township. So people living in the township end up saving time and money.


At the time of purchasing property, buyers look for localities that are safe and peaceful. Integrated townships comprise amenities that make the lives of residents secure. Electronic security systems, CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, panic buttons, automated street lights, and gates manned by security guards, are just a few features that help residents live a calm and secure life. Integrated townships are very suitable for people who have small children or elderly people to look after. Whether it’s an under construction flat in Dahisar East or a ready-to-move-in flat elsewhere, you are assured a peace of mind if it’s situated in one of the integrated townships with top-notch security features.

Enhanced lifestyle 

An integrated township offers an enhanced lifestyle to its residents. Residents do not have to cope with the challenges of excessive noise, traffic congestion, and other issues that are common for those living in apartments on crowded streets. These townships are relatively peaceful and free from pollution. Some other features that make integrated townships a preferred choice are the availability of power and water 24×7.

Integrated townships offer many benefits to homebuyers that other apartments and standalone homes just cannot. Apart from the security features, green spaces, and healthy living, integrated townships also inculcate a sense of community living in the residents. It is because of these and numerous other benefits that many people are choosing to live in integrated townships. Currently, many developers across the country are building integrated townships. A reputed name in the real estate world, the Dynamix Group has constructed state-of-the-art residential townships in Mumbai, Thane and Goa. The company has come to be known for its superior townships like Gokuldham Township, Yashodham Township, Mahavir Nagar Township, Vasant Vihar Township and Aldeia de Goa Township to name a few. These townships are well designed and offer a superior lifestyle to residents.

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