How Great Real Estate Agents Make the Most of Open Homes

Open homes are a favourite selling tool of most real estate agents. An opportunity to get many buyers looking at your property at once, an open home helps an agent quickly identify and focus their attention on the serious buyers. Great real estate agents make the most of an open homes opportunity by building positive relationships with buyers.

To help you select an agent who is confident in their ability to sell your property using open homes, we’ve made a list of a few characteristics to look out for.

Characteristics of Real Estate Agents Who Use Open Homes Successfully

Open homes have become one of the most effective tools an agent has to sell your home. Buyers can view the property more relaxedly, walking between rooms and picturing themselves living there.  Real estate agents free up their time, as instead of completing multiple individual viewings, they can focus their attention on serious buyers and not ‘window shoppers.’

An open home with multiple potential buyers attending also creates a sense of urgency amongst the buyers. This urgency usually results in offers being made quickly and with a higher purchase price. A total win-win for the agent and the seller.

To assist you in selecting an agent who makes the most of open homes, we’ve made a list of key agent characteristics to look for and ask about:

  • Collects contact details of attendees – a good agent should be welcoming to every visitor and collect their contact details to reach out to them afterwards. Information such as name, phone and email is a good place to start, but other details such as property preferences, budget, purchasing timeframe, and preferred location can be incredibly useful. An iPad or digital device can help record these details for quick access at a later stage.
  • Spends time getting to know the potential buyers – great real estate agents are people persons. They enjoy talking with others and are skilled at obtaining useful information. After introducing themselves, they will seek to learn more about buyers and the type of property they want. Often they will invite potential buyers personally to an open home because it ticks the boxes of their wish list on the type of property they are looking for. A successful open home agent will follow up with all attendees and ask their thoughts on the property they viewed, taking the next steps dependent upon the answers they receive. Successful agents at open homes often arrange a time to meet with buyers over coffee or a meal so that they can develop a comprehensive understanding of their property requirements.
  • Prepare property information for buyers to keep – many buyers visit multiple open homes within a short period of time. To help them remember your property, your real estate agent will create an information pack or brochure for them to take away when they leave. Containing property photos, key features and well-crafted sales copy, it will also contain the agent’s contact details and what steps the buyer should take next.

Be prepared to ask questions to agents and attend open homes as a potential buyer to gain insight as to whether they are the best agent to sell your property. If not, just keep looking. But if they are, you are set to benefit from their skills in open-home marketing!

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