How to Create a Home Library

Traditional libraries were dark, gloomy, and boring. They did not elevate your home’s interior design. However, that is not the case anymore. Modern home libraries are an essential part of your home interior design. Not only are they functional but also enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home decor. There are many stylish bookshelf design ideas you can come up with for accentuating the space. If you are not sure about how to create one, here are a few tips shared by interior design service providers that will help to create the perfect home library:

01 of 07 Create floor-to-ceiling shelves

If you are creating a bookshelf design idea in your living room, opt for floor-to-ceiling shelves. They are great for accommodating a lot of books and adding more visual interest to your home interiors. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any wall for this purpose. A well-designed built-in bookshelf will look great in almost any place. Just like beautiful artwork, you can make it the focal point of your room as well. Just make sure that you do not leave half of the shelves empty. In case you do not have sufficient books to fill up all the shelves, you can place decor items in a few of the empty places. This will make your home library aesthetically appealing.

02 of 07 Do not arrange the books randomly

To fill up the shelves quickly, many people arrange the books randomly. Although it may help you to complete the task faster, it may not be the best decision if your primary goal while setting up the bookshelf design idea is elevating aesthetic appeal. Many interior design service providers suggest arranging the books according to colours for creating an appealing home library. It will help to create a flow in the design. This is very crucial for people with white shelves as it gives it a bright and fresh look.

03 of 07 Always create comfortable seating

If you love spending time reading books, you should create a comfortable space for sitting. This will allow you to sit and read your books for longer hours without any inconvenience. However, finding the right sitting spot can be difficult. If you are not sure about the perfect sitting space, consider adding a chair near your home library. This could be one of the best places because you will be able to easily access the books while being seated on your chair. There are lots of comfortable chairs you can find in the market for this purpose. Just make sure that the chair design and colour complement the design of your home library.

04 of 07 Opt for interesting shelving

Although regular shelves are functional and appealing, you can add more character to your home library by opting for interesting shelving options. There are many creative bookshelf design ideas you can come up with for your home library. You can research online or check a few magazines for inspiration. Just make sure you check pictures that are similar to your home decor. If you are confused, consider choosing lattice shelving. Their unique look gives the interiors a more artistic feel.

05 of 07 Hang a curtain to cover the space

There may be times when your bookshelves do not stay organised. This can make the space appear cluttered and busy. As a result, the overall appearance of your room can diminish. It will create a bad impression on the guests’ minds visiting your home. To avoid this from happening, you can hang a curtain in front of it. Whenever the shelves are cluttered and unorganised, you can just pull the curtain and hide it from clear view. Although this is a great trick, you should always prioritise keeping the shelves organised instead of hiding them.

06 of 07 Consider keeping a ladder nearby

In most living rooms, you will find floor-to-ceiling shelves for the home library. Although they are great for making use of space efficiently, you must keep in mind that accessing the higher shelves will be difficult. To ensure you can easily reach the higher shelves, try to keep a ladder nearby. You do not necessarily need a full-size ladder. A short ladder will be sufficient if you do not have a very high ceiling. In case you do not have a ladder, keep a high stool nearby so that you can climb on it to access your books.

07 of 07 Add a study table

Adding a chair is not always sufficient. If you have free space around your home library, add a study table along with the chair. This will make the space more ideal for reading. You will not strain your back if you sit and read for long hours. Also, you will be able to check multiple sources simultaneously if required. Just make sure that the design of the study table complements the chair and the bookshelf design.

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