How To Maintain Your New Home

To maintain primary care with the house rented with Quadwalls for example daily, it is necessary to set up a plan (cleaning checklist, for example) and stick to the small details. But if you’re still learning the basics of routine housework, chances are you still don’t know some important things. To help you, we have prepared an article with 6 important home care tips for anyone. Check it out!

Semiannual Care

Each semester, when taking care of the house, it may be interesting that you take the opportunity to get rid of things that no longer serve you. Here are some tips for your home:

  • Wash curtains and rugs
  • Wash the water tank
  • Get rid of old papers and accumulated things. Such as clothes and toys that have not been used for a long time

That way, know How To Find And Buy A Rental Income Property, you optimize your time and can have a “little break” with household chores

Remember To Clean The Doorknobs In The House

Are you also part of the team that forgets to clean the doorknobs in the house? Despite being discreet, these objects are frequently accessed daily and end up concentrating a large number of microorganisms. Therefore, during everyday cleaning, it is paramount to pass a cloth with alcohol (or a little neutral detergent) on all doorknobs to remove all bacteria and dirt that accumulate.

Houses Like Pets

Families who have pets should take some special care of the house. That’s because many people like to keep their pets indoors (or, when there’s no choice, like in apartments). It is for this reason that we recommend the following:

Keep your cleaning products out of the reach of your pets: The best choice is to store them in cupboards and boxes that are not accessible to animals (or children!). But also, be careful when storing. Be careful not to put dangerous products together – or products that interact in some way and result in a dangerous chemical reaction. So always read the label and follow storage instructions.

Animal hygiene: To keep animals indoors, they must have a hygiene routine. That’s why it’s always good for dogs to bathe regularly (but be careful in cold weather). Although cats don’t need baths, both cats and dogs need to keep their nails trimmed. Thus, it prevents your furniture from spoiling too quickly and prevents the pets from feeling pain.

Environmental hygiene: Animals can shed hair and make messes and dirt. So try to keep the house clean, but find the balance: your pet needs to know that he also lives in the house and is free to feel comfortable. But it is worth remembering that it is essential that your animals have spaces reserved for them: like a corner to sleep in and one to do their business. Even cat litter boxes should be cleaned daily.

So if your home needs color, life, and joy: adopt a shelter animal! But remember: an animal is a life and must be treated with respect and responsibility! And, of course, if your house has a big yard, your dogs will be delighted. But cats should not have access to the street.

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