Tips for finding property management Point Cook

Owning an investment property can be a great source of passive income, if it’s managed well. If you manage your rental alone, you expose yourself to risks including not maximising your potential returns, or getting fines or penalties from Tenants Victoria because you missed a change in legislation – there’s frequent updates! 

Property management Point Cook will save you time 

Property management in Point Cook is an investment financially, but also for your peace of mind. Hiring a property manager in Point Cook means that you don’t have to worry about your tenants, or the upkeep of your home. The property manager will liaise with tenants, including doing all necessary legal paperwork, emailing them about inspections and managing any requests for repairs that they might have. 

If your property is empty, property management Point Cook will help you find a suitable tenant – this takes a lot of time and property managers will understand what to look for in a tenant, ensuring that you choose tenants who will treat your property like your own and stay for the long term, minimising your vacancy rates. 

Property management Point Cook will ensure your success 

A property manager will help you get the best return on investment for your property. They will ensure that it is well maintained, through regular inspections. Regular inspections will reveal any issues with the property, but also encourage tenants to report anything that needs to be fixed quickly – keeping your property in tiptop shape. 

A well-maintained rental property will get the highest possible rent amount. Your property manager’s job is to review the rental market regularly, so if you are due to put the rent up at your property they will let you know. 

The property manager will also promptly respond to any tenant concerns, alleviating them and ensuring your tenants stay for the long term. If you do find yourself with an empty property, your property manager will ensure it is quickly filled.

Find local expert property management Point Cook 

Not all property management Point Cook are created equal. Finding the right property manager for you is essential. You want to find a property manager who:

  • Has plenty of experience managing rental properties
  • Works in and understands your local area 
  • Understands and keeps updated on the latest rental property legislation for your area 
  • Comes from a larger team, so they can provide back up if your property manager is unwell or leaves

If you’re looking for property management Point Cook, EST Property provides expert property management services in the Point Cook area, and are available to help you today. 

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