What Critical Factors Influence the Value of a Home in Real Estate?

Although investment in a property such as a home is known to give good returns over time, it involves a considerable sum of money. Before looking for homes for sale in salt lake city utah, and making any real estate investment, home buyers should know the fair valuation of the home they want to buy. Better research can lead to better investment in a home which can further result in better appreciation. Knowledge of factors influencing the selling price or purchase price of a home can go a long way in estimating what can be the final value of a home. Here in this article are listed some factors that can affect the home’s valuation.

  • Location of a home

Houses in commercial and market areas with better social infrastructure and employment opportunities have a higher value. In addition to this, a location’s proximity to public transit, highways, and utility lines can further have a significant impact on the purchase price of a home. When it comes to determining the value of a home, location can be more crucial than the size or condition of a home.

  • Neighborhood comps

One of the best indicators of a home’s value that one is considering buying is the value of similar homes in a particular neighborhood that have sold recently. These comparable homes are categorized as “comps.” No matter if it’s a home appraisal, Opendoor evaluation, or a comparative market analysis done by an agent, most real estate experts usually rely on comps for estimating the value of a home.

  • Size of and usable space in a home

For buyers estimating the value of the homes for sale in salt lake city utah, size is a key factor to consider. The reason for this is that a more prominent home can positively impact the valuation of a home. The more will be the size of a house, and the more its value will be. In addition to the size, the usable space of the home matters when figuring out its value. For instance, usually, living space, bedrooms, a kitchen, and bathrooms are the most important to the buyers and appraisers rather than unfinished basements.

  • Upgrades and updates

A home equipped with modernized updates and upgrades is reported to have a higher value compared to older homes with outdated features. However, not all home improvement projects are created equally in the market. the impact of an improvement project is varied based on the market where a person is looking for homes for sale and also existing home value.

For instance, some projects like adding a pool or wooden fence tend to have a more significant increase in the value of a more expensive home. In contrast, projects like remodeling the kitchen or adding a full bathroom tend to have a more significant increase in the value of a less expensive home.

  • Age and condition

Typically, newly built homes for sale in salt lake city utah are reported to have higher values. Now that all critical parts of the house, such as electrical, plumbing, appliances, and the roof, are newer and therefore less likely to wear and tear, this can generate savings for the buyer. Thus, such homes are appraised at a higher value. Many buyers will be ready to pay top dollar for a fully furnished and move-in-ready home.

  • The local demand and supply

Even if a home is in its best condition, the number of properties for sale in a particular area and the number of buyers can influence the home’s value. For instance, if there are fewer buyers in the market but many homes for sale, then the value of homes in such a market will be comparatively lower.


The final purchase price of a home, for obvious reasons, is very vital to homebuyers. When searching for homes for sale in salt lake city utah, a buyer can avoid common home-buying mistakes when he is aware of the factors that can influence the value of a home. They will have a better understanding of which home sellers can charge more. Since real estate agents are aware of these factors, working with them can help in knowing the actual value of a home.

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