What You Need To Know About the Types of Construction Cranes

The variety of cranes available for construction projects makes it important to determine the exact crane you need to meet the requirements for your construction site. Knowing what the different types are and the functions available can help you decide what crane you need next.

Overhead Crane

Cranes used in factories and warehouses are called overhead cranes Nashville TN. They are suspended from the ceiling and can move along beams to carry heavy loads through a factory.

Truck Mounted Crane

The mobility and ease of travel that comes with truck mounted cranes allows you to have versatility for many different construction jobs. They are equipped with stabilizers to help them stay balanced while transporting heavy loads.

Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes are unique because they drive on rubber tracks rather than wheels. This allows them to navigate soft areas in a construction site without sinking. They do require special setup so using them may be more suited to long term projects. Although they don’t turn very easily, crawler cranes can drive over a variety of terrain making them useful for muddy and rocky construction sites.

Rough Terrain Crane

These cranes have the ability to drive over multiple types of terrains because of the large rubber tires they drive on. Rough terrain cranes are used for pick and carry operations and they’re able to navigate tight areas. Stabilizers and outriggers are installed to balance the crane while carrying large loads.

Tower Crane

When you pass a city center, you’re likely to see a tower crane. Used when building tall skyscrapers and other buildings, tower cranes have the capability to lift extremely heavy loads. Because of their size, they grow along with the building their helping construct. Once the building is complete the crane is deconstructed layer by layer. This is an essential piece of construction equipment for tall buildings.

Telescopic Crane

This type of crane is typically installed on a truck and has an extendable arm, called a boom, attached. The arm has an hydraulic cylinder, which allows it to lengthen and shorten for each job it needs to do. Because of the adaptability of the arm on this crane and the mobility when it’s installed on a truck, it can be used for many different construction projects.

Choosing the right crane for your construction project comes down to determining the size of your site, the type of terrain to navigate, the weather conditions and the length of your project.

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