Why you Should Choose an Orangery for your Extension

If you have reached the stage where you and your growing family need more living space, you have a choice of selling up and relocating or extending the existing property, and if moving is out of the question, you should examine the extending options. You could, for example, have a traditional extension added to the side or the rear of the property, which would be in keeping with the character of the home, or you could choose a bespoke orangery that brings a lot of natural light into the living space.

The Benefits of an Orangery

The advantages include:

  • Very Light in the Daytime
  • Warm in the winter – Thanks to great insulation and double glazing.
  • Easy Garden Access – French or sliding doors can be installed.

If you have a small terrace added at the rear of the orangery, you have the perfect ambience for summer rest and relaxation, and with bespoke solutions, you are not limited in any way. If you hire the best builders in Fleet, they will design something that ticks all of your boxes, and prices are very reasonable.

Double Glazed Solutions

Just how much glass you have is entirely up to you, and with hermetically sealed double glazed units with toughened safety glass, you have a comfortable environment all year round. Windows and doors would have security locking, boosting your home security, and with blinds or curtains, you can enjoy cosy evenings.

Adding living space is never going to be a cheap exercise, yet by choosing an orangery, you will gain a lot more benefits than if you chose a traditional bricks and mortar extension.

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